Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Walking Zombie

That is what I feel like at the moment, although to be honest it's more like 'sat on the sofa on floor most of the day zombie'. This baby seems to be draining everything from me at the moment, luckily the sickness seems to have past, the dizziness not quite so, so will certainly be mentioning that to the midwife next Tuesday. The tiredness isn't necessarily me wanting to be asleep all the time but more just lack of energy to do anything. The house is in such a dire state at the moment, and the house work is just piling up making the jobs harder for me to do when I have the energy to force myself to do it. Surely someone must have made self cleaning houses by now?! Just think how much they could charge for that!

Last night aside from a long list of cleaning jobs I need to do I made a list of things that need doing in the house preferably before baby arrives here's how it went:

Front door-Sand a repaint frame and door (there's been a patch of paint coming off the frame for ages but not done anything about it)


Lounge- Paint (do you see a pattern here), and find some coloured paint for a t least one wall as I am sick of magnolia. Get a blind, we've only been here 3 years! Have a sort out and de-clutter. Get some/make some artwork for the boring blank walls.

Our bedroom- Paint, de-clutter, sort out some sort of better storage.

Bathroom- Preferably fix bath (if anyone knows of anything to repair cracks please let me know) if not replace it, and the shower that goes with it. Paint, sand and paint radiator, tile floor and get rid of the manky carpet in there (why do they put carpet in bathroom new builds anyway)?

Kitchen- A lick of paint and sort out, preferably some sort of new unit too as there is just no storage space at all (I will post a picture one day when it's less messy so you can see what it's like as I know I always complain about it).

Kids room- Find a cheap but sturdy cupboard most likely second hand after seeing how much they are to buy new (ouch), actually finish the small 4 canvasses I started painting in Jan or Feb, find a cheap blue light shade, de-clutter.

Garage- Try and persuade James' parents to get some of there stuff out (easier said than done as they will say we still owe them some money) if not try and arrange it so it doesn't take up so much room in there when they just chucked it all in. Likewise with James' stuff too as he just chucks it all in too. I NEED shelves or cupboards or something!

So this should be something to keep me busy when I do get the energy back and the nesting instinct properly kicks in-and James haha he does not have a choice!


  1. We have a chip in our bath, and chris bought a kit to fill it / fix it.. not sure if it would work in the same way for you but id suggest popping into B&Q or homebase and talking to someone in the bathroom dept as they should be able to help fix it- who wants to spend all that money on a new bath?! hehe.

    also, our house is like this.... and i dont have a baby inside me to tire me out OR a todler. dont be too hard on yourself :)
    altho, you have inspired me to nag chris to get things done this weekend heehee


    1. We have quite a large crack by the plug whole, James did a bit of goggling and found something that should hopefully sort it out...even if only semi temporary. Like you say I don't fancy affording to rip a bath and shower out!

      Hehe, pretty sure our house would still be like this without kids (I'm sure we'd come up with some idea as to why it wasn't done then too), we have bought some paint today though for lounge and bedroom and basic magnolia for touch ups pretty much everywhere...hurrah will actually have some colour on the walls! If you got to homebase for anything this weekend they have 15% off everything too :) xxx


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