Friday, 13 July 2012

100 posts, pregnancy, setting up the sale & dreading the weekend!

First of all, this is my 100th post! Personally I am quite glad I have stuck it out and thought this would be a quick phase but I really like blogging, both for for personal venting, joining in with Pinterest Challenges (which let's face it would have stayed on the Pinterest boards otherwise) and it almost a journal of our life too.

Currently the sickness has gone from pregnancy and I have lost track of when I was last physically ill which is so great I could jump for joy, only I am absolutely shattered at the moment, so maybe a celebratory nap? I keep waking up around 6am, and Alex has been waking early as it's been sunny in the morning so just get back to sleep and he gets up or James' alarm goes off about 5 times before he gets up. I had forgotten how lucky I was when pregnant with Alex to just roll over and get the extra couple of hours of sleep I needed (I know lazy)! I keep trying to fall asleep for a few minutes at least in the day but that's easier said than done with Alex running about the place! I have still had a few dizzy spells, but it's always when I have been rushing about or on my feet a while (like at work), midwife said it was probably just that as my B.P was fine, which was reassuring. 

Like I just mentioned I saw my midwife for the first time since my first scan, it was so lovely to hear the heart beat for the first time, I haven't been showing too much so in some ways 'forget' I'm pregnant because I don't particularly look it. It's only this week I feel I am showing slightly, but sometimes I just think it's what I am wearing or how big a dinner I have had! I am still in the 'is she getting fat or is she pregnant stage', so keep having to tell people-in some ways I just want a proper baby bump and show it about a bit as I didn't really show until 20+ weeks with Alex and people just think you are being lazy and fat!

I expect I am going to have to tell a few people at work this weekend about being pregnant. After they changed all the shifts about I barely see anyone I used to work with on Sunday's as the whole delivery team only work weekdays now and I am not sure how far the word has spread or not! And also only working Sunday's there's some people I don't know and others I rarely see...I have just realised I haven't explained what's happening at work this weekend! We are setting up for our large sale, so tonight I will probably come back with permanent red marker on my hands and filthy trousers from kneeling/sitting on the floor tagging clothes with swing tickets. It's the only time the whole store staff are in the building at the same time, so although it is stressful as there is so much work to be done it can also a bit of a laugh and a chance to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while (as long as you are still doing a good job of course)!  But as I am not fully showing yet I feel I am going to have to say 'I can't do that because...', 'I can't go up ladders...' most of the night, I am hoping that I get to mark down accessories or shoes so I can be sat down for a while. The sales are bloody hard, and where I am only used to doing 1 day a week it's always a shock to the legs and back when I do 3 days in a row (I know it sounds pathetic) normally let alone when pregnant. I have been struggling with my 4 hour shifts recently so really dreading the 6 1/2 hour one Saturday, and each week I come home with the biggest back ache on the bottom of my left side so dreading how bad that is going to be too. I will also be on the shopfloor, where I would usually mainly be out in the stockroom where I keep a bottle of sugary drink to keep me going and perhaps some sweets to eat discretely, but alas can't get away with that on the shopfloor-eek! I keep getting really anxious before work at the moment too-another pregnancy symptom I had with Alex that stayed with me and now got worse again since being pregnant-argh!

I have decided that my body just can't cope with being pregnant, I remember straight after having Alex feeling instantly better (despite the aches and tiredness obviously) and this pregnancy I feel or seem to be much worse than I was with Alex I just feel so weak and lifeless/useless at the moment. I entertained my NCT friends and kids yesterday which meant a big tidy of the house and today I haven't moved off the sofa apart from a quick half hour at the park with Alex-god help me yesterday wasn't even hard work!!

So roll on Monday afternoon after Alex playgroup where I WILL be lazy for as long a possible! I won't really see James or Alex much this weekend either which is a bit pants, and won't even cross over with James before he goes to work on Sunday and Saturday and will most likely be asleep before he returns home!

I know there are probably loads of women screaming at this blog thinking just get on with it it's only pregnancy how do you think we cope working full time etc, but for some reason I'm just not one of them lucky women who can cope well with being preggas! And also you don't know what achy feet means until working a weekend in a shop sale, one of my friends who is now a nurse working 13 hour shifts says she still doesn't think her feet have hurt as much as working that one weekend in the store sale!

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