Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Holiday excitement!

I have been like an excited little child this week, but not as much so as my 6ft 3 broadly built child ;)

We already a UK break booked in August to Cornwall which is one of  my favourite places to visit in England, and I am really looking forward to that despite it being really busy compared to when we normally go out of school holidays.

And this week we booked our first abroad holiday away (we have been together 5 years and only ever been to Cornwall together), it is also with James' family like in Cornwall, but his eldest brother is back for a few weeks as he's been working on a cruise line in America for a year. He is also bringing along his new girlfriend that also works on the cruise line so will be interesting to meet her too.

But I will tell you why my partner is super's Euro Disney we have booked and quite frankly I think he will be more excited than our 2 year old haha. His family have been to the Florida and Euro Disney many times together as they enjoy those sort of holidays (personally I can stick at them for a few days but enjoy to see a country for what it truly is) but I am REALLY looking forward to see Alex's face when we first walk through those Disney gates, he gets excited when we have shown him the video online, and I must admit I am already using it as a bargaining tool for him to behave...can you blame me ;)

We are staying at the Davy Crockett ranch, so will be nice to have our own space (to an extent, there are 12 of us sharing 2 cabins/cars) and take things at our own pace, we managed to bargain with them to get free meal passes for breakfast and one meal at selected restaurants around the parks and hotels so that will save a chunk of money and there are bbq's on site and I am hoping we have at least one. It was also cheaper for us all to go for 5 days rather than 3, again it's in August so will be busy so places like this will always be busy. We are hoping to go to Paris for the day one day too, considering how many times I have been abroad to France with my parents over the years it's quite surprising that I have never been to Paris.

It should be a great family holiday, James is one of 6 with the ages ranging from 24-4 so there will be something for everyone. I will have to take my iPod and a good book or magazine with me as obviously I won't be able to go on much being pregnant which is really the only naff part, I will be the pack horse with the pushchair and all the bags!

August is shaping up to be a great month (if not a bit expensive), second scan, Cornwall, Euro Disney, here's hoping the sun shines for it!

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