Friday, 15 June 2012

First scan-we have a little poser

We had our first baby scan on Wednesday which was great (apart from waiting ages)! I was an excited but nervous wreck waiting around all day for it,  but it was amazing seeing out little baby wriggling around. Turns out they are a bit of a poser too and moving into some funny positions, we got lots of great pictures to show for it too.

I was so glad to hear a). it's only one bambino and b). all seems healthy and it has everything it should have.

Also it was great that the birth date has changed to the 17th of Dec rather than the 20th, I was scared it would move the other way closer to Christmas, so I am praying this one comes a little early like Alex to move it as far away as possible from Christmas-I can't get too hung up on that though!

It still amazes me how much you can see on the scans, and how formed the baby is even at 13 weeks and only 7cm long. Very exciting :)

Just need my sickness/weakness/giddiness to fade soon and I can start enjoying this a bit more than I have been, at least now I have proof I am pregnant. ( I have lost quite a bit of weight and felt ill for so long I just didn't feel pregnant at all-still doesn't feel real)!

Alex is being very cute about it all, and keeps calling it 'Mummy's baby in tummy' :)


  1. Congratulations! It's such a relief to have that scan and know that everything is ok. Great news. x

    1. Thank you, it certainly is! Especially as I haven't been able to take my vitamin tablets very much as they make me gag and be ill, and loosing weight-obviously baby is just taking in everything I eat. So very relieved! x


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