Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rinsing Guys...

Did anyone else catch the programme 'Sex, lies, and rinsing guys' on channel 4 last night? I don't normally watch things like that but TV was pants last night, and I was intrigued.

It followed 3 girls, who at first glance I thought were slappers in some sense of the word...turns out they don't actually give the guys anything in return for all the gifts/money/holidays etc though, so I couldn't call them that. So the title of the show was just put there for more affect I think!

I found it all very odd though, on one hand I thought the girls were doing something really wrong, flirting with these men, asking (not very subtly at all) over facebook and bbm about what items they want. We aren't talking small items either, it was all named, designer things such as bags, shoes, jewellery and 100's and 100's of pounds. I was thinking how could you possibly even ask for things when you have only just met someone? One of the girls mother's actually said to her daughter something like 'take all you can and give nothing back' essentially this was the show.

On the other hand though, I thought who on earth are these guys!? Is it the lure of thinking they will get the girl in the end? Well I can tell you none of the girls had that on their agenda-however some did meet there men which I did find quite strange and very risky considering you really don't know who you are meeting and what you could be getting into. There was one girl who actually never meets up with the guys who buy her such extravagant gifts, and has set up her own website and is making a business out of it. She has an Amazon list which the men can look at and see what they want to buy her, it's not all clothes and shoes thought, she is even asking for household gifts such as a tumble dryer! These men can also buy 10 minutes of her time for a Skype call for £50, yes you did read correct £50 for 10 minutes!!!

I just found it all very odd, and really couldn't understand either side of the story, but towards the end of it, I did think, well it's working for these girls and they are actually making a LOT of money from it, but where does it stop? What if they find a man they love and then can't keep up with the 'business' and have to put up with a normal life where the treats aren't so extravagant? What happens when perhaps they get older and the interest may not be there as much? Surely they will never be able to fall back into a normal way of living after doing this for so long?

I wonder if I post a photo, or a list onto my facebook page of something I really 'need' whether anyone will buy me it? Nah I think not!

What did you make of it all?


  1. oh my life, i watched this last night. I couldnt really belive what i was watching. It felt all so wrong, and as much as a small part of me thought well fair play, a huge part of me couldnt help but think how they will end up very lonely one day when it all stops. Likewise, i thought how it could easily turn nasty, the lady who went to NY, i thought i wonder if the cameras wernt with her, would he of got nasty about it all?? great post x

    1. Yeah that's exactly how I felt too! Does make you wonder what on earth could have happened with that guy, or any others she meets for that matter. x


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