Monday, 14 May 2012

In with old out with the new!

Yeah, yeah I know I have the saying the wrong way around, I haven't got baby brain already (although I don't think I ever lost it first time around)!

We bought/ordererd a new car today,  woop woop!

James' car has been dying slowly the last couple of months, and a neighbours friend managed to take out a tail light one morning a couple of weeks back-it's now taped with white electrical tape (it's a black car-haha) classy I know!

This morning was the last straw-it didn't start, James thinks it's an expensive electrical fault as other electrical things have been slowly going wrong/controlling the wrong things!  After about 10 attempts it started up again and we headed to the car shop. James is one of these blokes that spends every flipping hour of every day looking at cars on the internet, googling their pros and cons, costing the petrol/tax/insurance and bore me to death with all the info every evening whilst I try and watch soaps and other crap really informative and thrilling TV.

But for once this came in handy, we pulled into the car shop and he already knew what he wanted to look at, where the car was he wanted to buy and he knew they could get it for him-only panic was waiting for the finance to be accepted-which thankfully it will be.

So this Friday we are rolling into the car shop in our crappy car, and driving out with a nice shiny new one (well 3 years old but new to us) so now the post title makes more sense, right? Fingers crossed this will be better luck for us than our last couple of cars-yes he's been through a few already even though he's only 22! ( I don't drive encase you're wondering why I am calling it just his). Our new focus last June got written off by an old lady after a week of having it :( this Vectra was a quick private buy after not having a car at all June-end of Oct, we knew it wasn't going to last us ages but it hasn't even lasted 9 months and is getting too much of a risk to go on long journeys after it not starting.

We didn't mention these problems when getting it valued for part exchange of course ;) , but they offered us such a crappy amount that I think they may have caught on a little bit anyway!

So here's to Friday and hopefully, *touch wood* a good car that will see us through a good few years unlike the last ones!

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