Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hand Sewn Heart- Wedding gift

Feeling much perkier today, first midwife appointment went well and she seems lovely too, although a bit weird/awkward having the male medical student in there too although not entirely sure why I felt that it was weird. Thank goodness for Tesco's too, I think I have eaten my weight in Sensation crisps today...whoops, I am already thinking of making another trip to get some more as they are on offer...perhaps I am just making up for lost time from not eating much the last two weeks (that's what I will keep telling myself anyway)!

Anyway, a while back I posted about a friend wanting a wedding heart made for a netball friend. I made it just about on time but forgot/felt to rubbish to post about it, so here it is...

I cut 2 white hearts and 2 Hessian hearts

Sew one white heart and one Hessian heart together and do the same again

Sew a small heart to the centre of your large front heart,  use embroidery thread to write/sew .

 Sew together the two hearts, back to front, sew the ribbon at the top at this point too, making sure it will poke out once turned out. Turn out and stuff, sew the opening (a lot easier said than done, I always seem to leave the opening too small and end up making more repair work for myself)!
Bride and Groom, & wedding date. 

The final result!
It took me forever to do and I only charged a fiver for it...I really need to get better at selling my things, I always feel bad asking for money when it's for someone you know though! I hope the the new happy couple liked it, I know my friend who bought it was happy with it well she seemed to be anyway!

Sorry this looks such a messy post, had loads of trouble with photos jumping around, and text going in the wrong places, I think it's all in the right order now!!


  1. Oh I like that. Sweet gift. I'm rubbish at pricing my things too. I've started making photo necklaces, but whenever a friend compliments me on mine instead of charging them I give them a gift. My new rule is to at least charge mates-rates. I can't keep giving things away.

    1. I am glad it's not just me! I just find it so difficult to ask for money, and when I do I always undercharge! But like you say you can't keep giving things away!

  2. maybe when its a friend you should say from the begining "yeah i can do that for you, it will be about £7.50 (or whatever) is that ok?" and then you both know where you stand.. I reckon most people who ask would be expecting to pay and would pay whatever you say as they know they are getting a completely unique gift.. but yeah maybe saying from the begining will help as i know exactly how you feel xxx

    1. I did but completely undersold myself haha. I hate asking for money, even when she offered more I was like, 'no it's fine', I always worry that what I make isn't very good or won't last. xxx

  3. Oh that's so lovely. Whenever I read a post like this I am in awe and feel totally inadequate! Well done you. I guess you now have the little 'bundle of joy' that was making you feel so ill?! Thanks for linking up to #oldiesbutgoodies this week :)

    1. Thanks so much :) Haha yeah well and truly-he now just makes me feel so tired ;) going to try and have a look at the other posts over the weekend too x


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