Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Listography: Top 5 things I love about kids

Just HAD to take part in this one!

1. The heart melting look that makes me forgive anything!
Despite whatever Alex has got up to and how mad he may have made me during that day/hour/minute, he has this ability to pull this stupidly cute face, and little cheeky smile that just lights up my face. This is extremely difficult when trying to tell him off about something and trying to keep a straight face!

2. Got to agree with Kate Takes 5 here and say Mispronunciations. 
Alex has had many mispronunciations over the last couple of years obviously, and they provide us with lots of giggles, last summer when he really started talking loads it was hilarious when he called sausages and oranges 'orgies'! 

3. Asking us what something is, then refusing our answer and shouting whatever he thought it was in the first place. 
He is still refusing that crocodiles are in fact called crocodiles, he has to call them croco-dinosaurs. I don't care it's cute :)

4. Laughing
I love the sound you hear of children distantly playing in the playgrounds and the laughter you hear. And when they just laugh at anything and everything, for hours on end. All I have to do to Alex is pull a funny face and it sets him off for ages!

5. Again agreeing with Kate Takes 5- Never forgetting!
Alex remembers all sorts of weird things (think he gets that from his Dad), and it always surprises me, because if I mention what did we do yesterday he never really says much. Yet a week later he will say details that I think weren't important but obviously were to him. Like today he mentioned about the Olympic torch, but about seeing a fire engine we walked past really quickly and the police cars. It really shocked me a month ago when he mentioned his 2nd birthday party in November in pretty much full detail-even pointing over to where he sat!?

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