Wednesday, 23 May 2012

GB flags, Olympic flame, sunshine, and a grumpy 2 year old!

We decided that we would go a see the Olympic torch today as it's passing through our neck of the woods. We ummed and ahhed about it, but thought when are we ever going to see it again? And if it was to happen in our lifetime again we will old and wrinkly anyway ;)

So about 20mins before James came back to pick us up, I decided to make Alex a quick flag in about 5 mins! Didn't have straws so used 2 wooden kebab sticks stuck together with cello-tape, chopped a bit of white up, folded it in half, and drew very quickly with Alex's crayons, folded it around the sticks and glued. Well it looked like it took less than 5 mins but oh well!

We decided to see it in Royal Wooton Bassett, as the times worked best for us, and plus, in our home town of Swindon a very un-local celebrity that goes by the name of Didier Drogba is running one of the miles, (not sure what the link to Swindon is at all) so we knew it would be ridiculously busy there! We got there about an hour before it was supposed to get there and it was already busy, there were thousands of school children waiting at the sides of the road and loads of GB flags on the sides which was really nice to see. 
We (well my partner) decided against the highstreet and to go on the outskirts near the end of the route, but we had to wait for a while, luckily there was a bank where we could eat our lunch and not worry about Alex running on the road. Kinda wish we stayed in the highstreet though, the possession of Olympic buses/lorries came through and bigged us all up and then it was at least 20mins until the torch bearer came through which Alex got really moody waiting and sort of ruined the mood for us, we even bought him a £1 flag which he didn't want to wave! I must admit and I hate myself for even saying this I was a little disappointed when the torch bearer came through because she was in a wheel chair but couldn't hold the flame either, and it wasn't very high in the air for all to see, and I really, really hate myself for saying that so much I really do, but I think everyone just had images of someone running through with the flame head height, I did hear "well that was a let down" from someone close by. I think it just took a little bit of the 'magic' away from it, but like I have said I really have no objection to people in wheelchairs or other disabilities doing it either. Had the timing had gone better I think it would have been much better.
On the bank, Alex with a massive mouthful sausage roll! 

Cool Coca Cola lorry

If you look closely you can see the torch!

All in all though it was great to see, and see the British spirit and pride we have in this country, I have never seen so many people on the side of the streets, and the young school children who were there a good two hours in the sun were so well behaved. Even the secondary school kids were a good laugh, in the wait between the Olympic vehicles and the torch bearer one boy had his homemade torch and ran along the road for all his school mates to cheer him in which was actually quite funny!


  1. gosh alex looks like james more and more in every pic i see! :) xx

    1. Really :) I always find it hard to tell, although a few months back looking at a photo of me and him at a similar age there was a big likeness!


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