Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful  blog hop!

Netball started again on Tuesday-I needed this after having a month off as missed the first 2 before Christmas!

I have bought some great bargains this week, a winter coat for £10 in newlook down from £50! I went to ELC yesterday and got Alex their cash register for half price at £11 and some games at bargain prices (I will probably keep these stashed away until his birthday in Nov or next Christmas...just couldn't resist the bargains! Just a shame that less than a month after Christmas my cupboard is filling up with sale bits for present over the year already... I was quite liking being able to get into it/see everything in it!

I have a 50 minute walk to a friends house today (I don't drive) which I am not looking forward to, to be honest, but think my waistline will be after all the rubbish I ate last night! Should be good, if not a little chaotic, 6 two year olds and one baby. Look forward to these 'NCT' meet ups every week-good chance to catch up and talk kids and babies etc.

There is still Christmas cake and chocolate and biscuits around the house...yum!


  1. I love the thought of a nice long walk to your friend's house. My two best friends - well one has alzheimers and does not know me and the other emigrated to Australia. We were friends right from the time we started work and I so miss them both.

  2. Hope you enjoy your NCT meet up, even if you do have to walk so far! I was looking forward to going to these when I was pregnant with my son but moved away before I got to go to any!

  3. Sheffy- It was actually a very nice walk today, and woke me up a bit (I was feeling very lazy this morning! Always makes a big change when the suns out. That's a shame about your friends.

    Emma- Very chaotic, there are always fights over the toys, especially now they are two and more physical/know their own minds! Oh no that's a shame, I am so glad I did it, nearly didn't but don't know what I'd do without them now!

  4. Friendship is fun and bargain hunting makes life worthwhile.
    Lovely reasons for chirpiness


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