Thursday, 12 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 12- My wardrobe favourites

Well if you look into my wardrobe you will find a small rail full of slightly nicer clothes and a chest of drawers with normal tops, sportswear and some bags and shoes I rarely use (the shoes mainly heels)! It may look like I lot but none of it is anything special-I don't have money to buy brands as such so most of it is just fairly non de-script really. The rest of my wardrobe is my bargain present stash, a bag of fabric scraps from old clothes etc (because you never know when you might need it for something), a charity bag full of bits to wait for the next collection that I will inevitably to say I wear the same old stuff as I can't ever get to it all anyway. So as I have nothing to show I thought I would show you my favourite ring instead as I love jewellery.

If you are ever around London go to Covent Garden, such a lovely place and the market is great there too. My partner bought be a ring for my Birthday when we were there a few years ago and it is my favourite ring (psst I think it's more special than my engagement ring but don't tell him that)! Basically this man makes rings from antique silver tea spoons, then tells you the details of the spoon, like where is was made and which year. I would dig the card out that explains mine but I am too tired (hence the lazyish post). He also makes bracelets out of forks too! Nothing like seeing something made in front of you and made especially for you too, I haven't stopped wearing it since and beats a high street top any day! Pretty sure it was about £30-£40 too so not too badly priced. 

I really don't think these photos do them justice...check out when he is there, here

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