Friday, 13 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 13- Photo from my childhood

I have cheated a little bit by putting a few in, I didn't have a great selection as all old photos of me are at my parents house apart from the ones in my scrapbook Mum made for me for my 18th. 

Sorry for the picture quality, I had to take photos of the photos!

I had to put this one in as it reminds me of an expression that Alex also does! I think we actually look similar here too which I have never noticed before!

Check out the early 90's wedding fashion! My Dad's MASSIVE glasses, and my lovely angry/odd looking face...
On one of our many camping holidays in France...I  obviously didn't get my own way about something.  Some things never change, I am nothing like this now.

Another holiday in France in my teens. 


  1. That top photograph looks like the spitting image of one of my older girls as a toddler! It's rather spooky just how much !
    It's so lovely to look back on old family photographs :D

  2. Oh really! That's weird. Yeah love doing it, and can actually see a slight similarity to me and my son who everyone says looks like his dad. Might have to scan in some old photos that mum has :D


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