Wednesday, 11 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 11- My siblings

I am the eldest of 3, and have to younger brothers, there's about 3 years between each of us.

As kids we used to have the old brother/sister love/hate always seemed to be 2 against 1 (this is one reason why I have always said I want an even number of if that will make a difference)!

Gareth is 19, and before Christmas he managed to get an apprentice job to become an accountant. He has always been the clever one (he taught himself to read at FOUR before going to school)! So working with figures is right up his street. He plays guitar and gig locally within his band, we try and get to see him but now with Alex it's usually the summer outdoor gigs in the afternoon. He is great with kids, and is such a good Uncle to Alex. 

Louis is 16 and in his last year at school. He has always been the cockier one, and one that we always thought we be the daredevil of the family (when he was a toddler he sped off on his trike down the footpath on a hill which lead straight to a road..Mum's heart was in her mouth shouting and chasing after him)! He is also clever but in a more practical, hands on way, we think he takes after my Dad's, Dad (it must have skipped my Dad as he is the worst at DIY haha). He also plays guitar, although not in a band, he's currently at the age where is pushing the boundaries a bit and hanging out a lot with his mates! But he is also a great Uncle to Alex and is usually the one to make him go hyper after dinner when we are round at my parent's!

Many happy memories with them both, and we just laugh at the times when we were pinching, kicking and picking on each other!

On holiday in 2008-in their 'big hair' days!


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