Friday, 6 January 2012

30 days, 30 posts: Day 6- My day in detail

Argh my day started at 1.30am when I heard little man crying at our door (the only one he can't open, sometimes a god send another time a chore)!

Thankfully my lovely partner dealt with him (it's been a nightmare at night time since Christmas...nearly every night) although he did end up in our bed which isn't something I like to do but at that time in the morning after half an hour of paddys you just don't care!

Anyway up around 8 properly, breakfast, showered, dressed. Check on the old facebook/email/blog, I think I woke completely on the wrong side of the bed today as I was a complete grump and my eyes felt so heavy and swollen.

I toyed with the idea of getting our Christmas tree down, I took all the decorations down yesterday and after about 15mins of thinking about doing it I eventually did...easier said than done! I hadn't realised quite how big it was at the bottom and we live in a coach house so dragging it down the stairs was interesting! Then the mass clean up of pine needles commenced!

I had to wait around for a delivery and thankfully it came around 12, I cheered up a bit (OK a lot) at my bargain goodies from dot com gift shop. (worth checking out especially if you like retro/vintage things for the home).

I went to go out with Alex after lunch but one argument (him wanting to go on a trike, when I wanted him to either go in the pushchair or the push along trike as we were heading to the shops) turned into a huge paddy from him, so that idea was scrapped which really got me angry! I was in a strop for the rest of the afternoon if I am being honest, and clocked watched the rest of the afternoon.

Thankfully my partner was home nice and early at 4.30, a quick dinner, and bath time for Alex-finally in bed now here's hoping it will stay that way! Now I might just crack on with some of my craft bargains that came in the post today rather than the washing up (something I might just regret later on or tomorrow)!

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