Thursday, 5 January 2012

30 days, 30 posts: Day 5-My definition of love

My love for my partner:
Love is...
-The first kiss on the cheek
-The moment I realised you were the one
-The cuddles at night
-The holding of hands
-The bunch of flowers you bought me on Tuesday
-The romantic gestures
-Doing the washing up on the odd occasion!

My love for my son:
Love is...
-The first moment I saw you
-The first moment I held you
-Clasping your hand around my finger when you were younger
-Your cheeky smile
-The big cuddles
-The unexpected kiss on the cheek (these are the best)
-The way you can put a smile on my face even when you are being a monkey!


  1. Thanks, a bit soppy I know! Struggled to think of something to put but once I had actually thought about it, it wasn't too difficult at all :) x


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