Wednesday, 4 January 2012

30 days, 30 posts: Day 4- What I ate today

One celebration, one small bowl of chocolate cereal, 2 pieces of small Toblerone (opps bad start), one piece of toast with cream cheese, one tomato and veg cup a soup, one packet of beef hula hoops, 3 pieces of small Toblerone (now finished), 2 cheddars, one Mcdonalds grilled chicken sandwich (see what I tried to get away with there ;), handful of chips, few spoonfuls of ice cream, one small piece of Christmas cake, a Clementine, 2 crackers and some yummy cheese I got for a bargain today (Wensleydale and Christmas fruit). 

So yeah shockingly bad day...looks a bit like the the hungry caterpillar's Saturday feast. To be fair I had ran out of lots of fresh ingredients today so it was never going to be the best of days and with all this Christmas chocolate lying about and the shops having their Christmas food on offer (cheese and crackers...two of my weaknesses) it's not easy. I am one of those people that can't think about eating too healthy when there is so much bad stuff lying about, so it's got to be eaten first... 

Tomorrow will be a much healthier day, honest...! 

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