Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Paradise- or not quite so!

My son has been driving me mad, he is obsessed with Coldplay's 'Paradise' song, now don't get me wrong I think it's a great song. However after 2 days possibly 3 with 'Paradise' pretty much on repeat I am getting a bit fed up of it! It is literally doing my head in, as even when it's not playing I still have the chorus going around in my head! Aaa just stop, so annoying when that happens!

Quite cute when he sings along to it too though!

Do any of your children have favourite songs they just can't get enough of? Another of Alex's favs is Jessie J's 'Price tag'.


  1. hehe, being a huge coldplay fan myself, even I am tired of my son singing "para, para, paradise!" all day long! xxx

  2. My son just gets into a huge paddy if I don't play it and shouts 'para, para' until I give in! It is quite cute when he tried to sing along (he's only just 2) and gets excited when the chorus starts though! x


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