Saturday, 7 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 7-My best friends

I must admit when I saw this was the title of today's post I got anxious...

I have never been the typical friend that calls up and been someone to chat to for hours on end, I have never been the friend that goes out on every outing, I am RUBBISH at keeping in touch. At secondary school I fluttered between two groups of friends my old best friend from primary school with her new friends who I liked, and my new group of friends from my class, which I guess meant I didn't keep the best bond as when I was with one group I was missing out on something with the other.

I don't know if maybe I have lost friends down to insecurities/confidence about myself (I hate eating out, and get really nervous about going out and getting lifts-makes life boring and difficult), quite preferring a night in rather than a night out, not really drinking alcohol, not driving, not having spare cash to get to places/afford going out clothes/paying for whatever we are doing,  But I do wish I had really, really close friends that I did all those girly outings with.

I do have two friends that I hold very dear to my heart though, one I have known since I was 4 when we started primary school together, the other from the later years of secondary school. And with both of them even if we haven't seen each other for weeks/months/years once we start chatting it feels like we have never been apart. I guess with lives so busy these days we don't always make the time for our friends any more...or maybe that's just me.

My new group of mummy friends (as having Alex so young this may have put a wedge between some friendships...) has been such a help. I would definitely recommend NCT classes, I couldn't have ended up with a better group of people. We still meet every week, and a couple of them have/are due to have their second babies, we have had joint birthday parties the last two years, and the Dad's meet up once a month too. We may not know everything about our pasts, but we are all close to each other now, we can chat to each other about our childs eating, pooing, tantrum, talking habits etc without the worry of turned up faces or realising you have just spent the whole conversation talking about your child! I dearly hope that these will all be good friends for life.

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  1. NCT definately seems to be a mummy friend matchmaker :)



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