Thursday, 26 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 26- I swear! It's a true story!

I really can't think of anything too exciting to put into this section, so going to just put one of my *cringe* moments in...

As kids we always used to holiday in France, generally camping. Most of the up to date campsites had some sort of slide in the pool for the kids and big kids alike! Well I must have been around 11-13 not quite sure and went to the pool with one of my brothers, got in the queue for the swirly slide and some little 2/3 year old goes down on his own just in front of me. There was a MASSIVE queue gathering up the steps and I was getting a little anxious because I felt I was holding everyone up. It felt like it had been ages waiting so I thought I must have just not seen the little boy splash into the pool... (I'm sure you can already see where this is going can't you)!

...So I took it upon myself to launch myself off the metal poll to make me go fast down the slide, swooshed round the corner to face the little boy who had obviously got stuck, now trying to move down with his arms, I panic try to grab the sides of the slide which on any other attempt previously would have stopped me, however this time of course didn't. So went flying into him knocking him into the water (by the way I was trying to stop myself still) landed on him in the water and he came up screaming his head off (understandably) and I was faced with his mother who didn't look too happy waiting for him arms outstretched in the pool. I said sorry straight away, then realised they were French so said 'Pardon' (I think, haven't done French for ages), so still didn't look happy. 

I then took a walk of shame through the pool area dried off and then took another walk of shame to the exit whilst I could hear loads of people saying things about me, I felt like crying, in fact I think I did a little secretly coming to think of it! Because it was an honest mistake but I still remember some little girl saying to her Dad "I can't believe that girl did that to the little boy, she is so horrible". 

Moral of the story: don't let kids that aren't big enough go down big slides on there own. I mean he had armbands and everything! And to me well don't give in to pressure from other people waiting behind me!

So there you are, it's probably my biggest cringe moment in which I wish I had the ground swallow me up there and then. And there is probably some French blonde teenager out there that is still petrified of slides whilst all his mates race down them...

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  1. omg thats so funny, sorry! tahnk you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. off to have a good look at yours too now!


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