Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Toddler troubles and lots of Chocolate!

So I was busy cleaning the bathroom (and when I say clean I mean bleaching everything, and scrub scrub scrubbing away, get all the scummy stuff off the bathmat and my sons bath toys...so I had been in there a little while)!

I thought it had been dangerously quiet for some time so thought I'd better go see what little man was up to...he'd shut the lounge door which was a sure sign he was up to something!

Opened the door to find this...

He didn't even flinch or stop or anything when I walked in! I didn't know whether to laugh or scream..that will teach my partner to leave his Birthday Toblerone lying about in little man's reach!!

Luckily there was no chocolate on the sofa, and surprisingly not much on his clothes too...cleaning used to be a lot easier before kids!!!

Oh and encase you are wondering why he is dressed in his Santa top it's because he had his playgroup Christmas party yesterday and wouldn't wear anything else this morning!


  1. Hello, I love your blog and your ideas, I am taking them in :) Oh I love this picture, i have a 2 year old too, have you found him with nappy cream yet? lol

  2. Thank you, I'm new to all this so not really 100% sure what I am doing yet! Luckily he hasn't found the nappy cream before (well not without me realising in the nick of time anyway)! We have had a similar incident with chocolate before though as he managed to get his hand into a kitchen cupboard with a 'kid proof'lock on!! Haha

  3. Ha! that's amazing. My little girl was oddly quiet the other week, and when I found her, she was sitting in a pile of chocolate foils from her advent calendar. She'd scoffed the lot. Tiny chocolate fiends.

    Found your blog on Love New Blogs, nice to meet (read) you :)

    Steph (imcountingufoz.com)

  4. @ Steph

    Haha I bet there are many, many kids that have done that this years and many years before that. Always a sure sign they are up to something when they are quiet isn't it!
    Thanks will check out yours too :)


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