Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Tree: TAKE 2!

Well after all the excitement of putting our Christmas tree up last week we were quickly disappointed! I must admit I didn't think the tree looked at it's best when we put it up and it seemed to drop a lot more needles than I would have expected. In the few days that followed the branches were bare in many places, and the needles literally fell off with the slightest of touch. Don't think the tree would have made it through the week let alone until Christmas.

So whilst I was at work yesterday my partner had stern words with some assistant, then an assistant manager and was told by both they could do nothing, he didn't except that and carried on and said he wouldn't move until he saw the manager...after more debating, explaining etc he was finally offered a new tree (after declining a refund card to spend in store for another tree as there were none left at the price we could afford)! The tree is £20 more expensive, a different type and looks extremely healthy in comparison to what we just had! Just shows that you have to fight your battle sometimes, I am glad I have him as I am useless and what have just taken no as a no and stuck with a dead tree!

My partner was mean though and text me on my break saying we couldn't have another tree, so I was all set for having a dead tree to try and get me into the Christmas spirit the next few weeks and was rather upset and angry...until I came up our stairs to find a HUGE pile of needles on the floor where the old tree had been and a brand new one ready to decorate in it's place. I nearly cried because I was so angry and annoyed at the amount of needles on the floor as I had spent an hour and a half getting needles out of the carpet the day before but then VERY happy that we finally have something green rather than brown to put our decorations on, and it bought back the Christmas spirit within me :)

Apparently 100's have been taken back, considering this was from one of the stores where most people are likely to get their tree from it's pretty shocking really!

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