Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I think I need a miracle...!

For those of you that don't know I am about 8 weeks pregnant. I rang the Doctors a couple of days after I found out about 3 weeks ago, no luck then as they were changing the appointment system and told me to ring after the 10th of May, yep you heard right! Surely if you if change a system in a Doctors surgery you would have some sort of temporary one in place! Also I got told things have changed and you don't see the Doctor any more you see the midwife at 8 weeks...they made me feel rather stupid for asking for a Doctors appointment!

Because I had/have been feeling VERY rough and I had my only working day Sunday of two weeks running (a grande total of 8 hours) my work told me I had to get hold of a Doctor's note...really for 8 whole hours off for morning sickness?! I walked into the surgery and actually managed to get an appointment later on that day (which I was very surprised at). The Doctor was ok, but for some reason I always find them a bit patronising (sorry if there are any Doctors reading this-it's nothing personal)! He didn't check my blood pressure, didn't really ask too much about how I was feeling just took my word for it, I was hoping to get some anti sickness tablets but no :( when he filled out the sickness form he actually asked me how long I wanted off which I was very shocked at, and also asked if I was planning on going back...as if I was some sort of person who just wanted to skive off! He gave me some iron with folic acid tablets, which I didn't think anything of, however a week after using them I have realised it says not to take them before 13 weeks of pregnancy...admittedly I should have read it properly the day I took them, but I misread the packaging so now I am worrying about that! He told me to book a Doctors appointment to basically say I am pregnant (not sure why he couldn't do it there and then) so even he didn't know things have changed there! So after the appointment I went to the desk and asked to book a Doctors antenatal appointment...got told it was a midwife appointment again, felt stupid again.

She then explained the whole crappy booking system being changed, again, and told me to ring Monday, obviously this Monday was bank holiday fair mistake, rang today and couldn't get through as line were busy. Finally got through, rubbish phone line could barely make out what she was saying, told that I can't book today and to ring tomorrow or Thursday!

Argh why is it so difficult for them to all be told the same thing, so I don't feel like I am going from pillar to post! Surely it doesn't take THAT long to change a system over! All I want is my first appointment soon to check everything is ok, to check whether in fact it is ok to be taking the medication given by a Doctor and the pharmacist even though the instructions say different, and to get on the systems as being pregnant because at this rate I won't be getting my 12 week scan at 12 weeks!

I am so sorry for yet another grumpy rant, just a bit fed up...and hormonal (yes I am using that excuse already)!

Hopefully I will get a bit cheery sometime soon ;)