Friday, 4 May 2012

Retail Therapy to Cheer Me Up!

Last month I was lucky enough to win the Dalani competition over at the great The Crazy Kitchen. I was very excited as it was a £50 voucher-loads more than I would be able to spend personally at the moment!

But as always when you are looking everyday and you want to spend it on something you actually want or need when you actually have a voucher/money I couldn't find anything grabbing me too much/some things were very lovely indeed but WAY out of my budget! I also didn't want to spend it too early on in the valid days encase anything came up that I wish I'd have bought instead!

This morning I am glad I waited though as Rob Ryan a very talented paper cutter's works were on today's offers. I have had my eye on his beautiful things for a couple of years now so it was a perfect excuse. So I treated myself to this set of 4 plates (even though I had told myself as soon as I won the voucher not to get anything for the kitchen...whoops)!

Because I was unsure of how long items can stay in your basket I thought I'd better add something else to it and buy today. They have some great storage from Cinas today and I thought you can never have too much storage-certainly not in this house anyway. So I went for this storage pouffe which will be handy.


Anyway, if you like home and garden items that are usually different from the normal things you see in everyday shops I really recommend Dalani, everyday they have 3 or 4 new deals that run for a few days or more, some things are very designer with a designer price tag still and other things are a very reasonable price. The things I have seen on there since I have been signed up ranges from furniture, artwork, accessories, food, cutlery, utensils, glassware, rugs etc. Great for presents or to treat yourself!

This gave me a nice distraction from still feeling rubbish this week with morning sickness and the doctors surgery being a pain! Can't wait for my items to come next month!

I've not been asked to write a review, just a happy customer. 

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