Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Off the blogging scene for a while

Hi everyone, just a quick post to say I am most likely going to be absent on here for a while.
If you read my last post you will know why! I've been struggling quite a lot since the weekend with feeling sick, dizzy and washed out, the sofa has become my new home!
Feeling better today and even managed to get to the park for a bit with Alex, but finding being on the computer just makes me feel fuzzy headed/blurry sighted at the moment so you most likely won't be seeing too much of me in the near future, I keep just having a quick 5 minutes here and there when I feel ok.

The house is a tip, I feel like I am being a bad and lazy Mummy but fingers crossed it won't last long. If anyone has any tips on coping with the morning sickness and a toddler it would be great to hear, my anxiety levels have increased greatly which I think is making the sickness worse but it's the sickness that increases the anxiety levels too vicious circle and can't wait to feel normal again!


  1. Trust me to find you just as you go awol x Hope that you feel better soon x

    1. Sorry! I will be about every now and then, but just can't read/type/be at a screen for long! Thanks me too, I am very fed up, you would have thought after all these years they would come up with something to stop morning sickness wouldn't you!! x

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