Friday, 16 March 2012

Billy Bargains

People who know me know I love a good bargain. I get that from my Mother, I used to take the mick however, now that it's my money I'm spending I am VERY happy to grab myself a good deal!

On a little trip to Asda this morning I saw the up to 1/2 price signs at the George entrance so made a B-line for it! For once they actually had a few things in Alex's size (I know boys clothes in a sale, unheard of!?), I picked up some great trousers for next year at £3, 2 pairs of funky slipper socks at a £1 each and some Thomas the tank engine wellies at £4. I knew it was a good idea not to buy them last week, had a feeling the wellies would be in the sale soon as there seemed so many of them then other day! And luckily Alex didn't choose the garish lime green ones that would have gone with none of his clothes!

Shame there was nothing that I took an interest in for myself ;)

Does anyone else do that? ALWAYS come back with things for the kids and nothing for you? I seem to so it every time I go shopping!