Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mother's Day...and why I'm not looking forward to it this year


Mother's Day to me is an extra special day where I get to be a little bit spoilt, and a day where we can each see each other's Mother's and appreciate them and what they do for us. The last two years I have been lucky enough to get Mother's Day booked off work (as Sunday's are the only day I work), unfortunately this year I didn't have enough holiday left over (our holidays run April-April) and I am gutted. 

Not only am I gutted I have to be in on Mother's Day I got told this week that work are reviewing all the hours (3rd year in a row), and my consultation is yep you got it, on Mother's Day! Wow what a fab present!

Also another part of the rant, since Christmas they haven't been giving extra hours so I have been in around 11/11.30 every week, on Mother's Day they have me in a 10am so I have no lie in either. Typical as I am at a friends wedding reception on the Saturday evening at a venue over an hour away, the only other time I have been in at 10am since Christmas was also the Sunday after another wedding, SODS LAW!

I know Mother's Day is just a day, and a bit of a gimmick for the card/present shops, but it's one day excluding a Birthday that you just get to feel that extra bit special and it sounds silly but I am going to miss having a proper one this year. 

At least we are all on the mend this week, me and Alex came down with such a horrible cold virus thing last week resulting in us being on the sofa burning up for 4 days, nice to be feeling semi normal again! Now on with the big pile if housework that I need to catch up on...here's hoping I still have a job come next week!

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