Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Proper Vanilla Butter Icing

So yesterday I made some belated cakes for our Mums for Mothers Day (it was a busy weekend, out Saturday at a wedding and working Sunday), and I just wanted to make them look and hopefully taste a bit nicer than usual. 

Flicking through one of my many cupcake books I came across a lovely looking vanilla butter icing recipe which used vanilla pods. Just so happens I had some about so had to give it a go...

Yum I am never going to use vanilla essence again Ok I probably will for the bog standard quick bakes but shh we'll forget about that! Just wish I had tried putting it in the cakes beforehand too, oh well that sounds like a good excuse to bake some more to me!

I just guess with butter icing quantities as I always end up adding more icing sugar than the recipes suggest, generally a large knob of butter beaten until smooth then gradually add a generous amount of sifted icing sugar. Once it's all mixed together spilt half a vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds into icing and mix again.

The cakes went down very well! 
So did the scraping of the icing bowl...whoops!


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    1. Thanks, they tasted it, shame I had to give so many of them away ;)

  2. Ooohhh... can you share your cake recipe too. I've tried so many different variations, yet I'm still looking for the perfect sponge mixture for fairy cakes....

    They look yummy. Care to send some here?!

    1. Sure the one I used for these was:
      6oz butter
      6oz caster sugar
      1 tsp vanilla extract or grated lemon rind
      4 eggs
      6 oz self raising flour.
      Mix it all in that order, and bake on 180C for 20 mins or so.

      I don't think they would make it that far...cakes never seem to last that long in this house, at least not if I'm around anyway!!


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