Friday, 12 May 2017

Stop/start labour in 3rd pregnancy!

It's crazy to think that this time last week I was still pregnant.

Dreading the school runs due to all the usual "still here", "no baby yet" comments.

Deep down I knew that things were imminent due to a few signs but it was only James that knew.

I tried to get anything sorted that needed sorting whilst the boys were at school, just a quick clean up of house mainly!

Late that night I had what was an obvious show rather than me guessing it could have been. So had a nice long shower and settled down early ish.  I woke at 1 and we am with slight pains. At 3 they had cranked up and I was getting so nervous about it, I think I actually made myself think the pains were worse than they actually were. So much so that I woke James at 4 and got him to ring. We didn't get to the birthing centre until around 6am.

I sort of knew once there that things weren't progressing like it had with both the boys. But I wasn't prepared to be told I was only 1-2cm and be told it was best to go home.

Not going to lie I was so apprehensive about doing so, but understood that the contractions had no become quite irregular in strength and the time between each one.

In my head I thought this labour would be quite quick due to having Sam a few hours after entering the hospital.

I felt so deflated and cried to myself in bed when we got home.

My mum left with the boys and packed a bag incase they'd need it for later.

James and I were so bored and frustrated all day long. We didn't really have anything to do and it was literally a waiting game, I was so short tempered and quick tongued. We were so fed up of texts and messages off other people who some were unaware of what was happening.

At one point the contractions had slowed down so much that I thought it was never going to happen that day! They were 20/15mins apart but not always strong.

Gradually they started building up again still varying in length and strength but by 6pm ish things really cranked up!! Just before we left they were 4 mins apart and James started to panic we wouldn't make it in time!

Thankfully we did, unfortunately they slowed down slightly again and when I was checked was only 3-4cm. I just wanted to cry.

The midwife didn't want me to go home though this time they suggested going for a walk around the hospital for an hour and to try the stairs as baby still needed to move round and move his back around slightly.

We found out from near enough every midwife we'd seen that day that 3rd babies can be notorious for stop start labour and then making a quick arrival!!

At 9pm I couldn't take anymore walking around the empty corridors, I was so exhausted and the contractions I was having were unbearable standing up.

The midwives suggested getting a little bit of shut eye as we were both so tired.

Luckily we had a really big room, I've never had a birthing pool room before so was pleased to see it when they showed us in. There was a high more 'medical' looking bed which James chilled on and one low bed which I took. I couldn't really sleep but managed to rest at least.

The rest seemed to increase the time between contractions but come 10pm they started getting more unbearable.

I was literally flinching and grabbing James'shand or belt so tight. I felt that low feeling and had to get the midwife in.

I don't think they thought I could be that far along yet as they seemed adamant to see how dilated I was at 11.30pm which would have been 4 hours since last being checked.

But by just before 10.45 I has to get James to ask when I could have the pool ready and when she saw me again suggested gas and air (which I've hated before now) because I couldn't cope with the pain!

She examined me again and said I was 7cm and she'd get the pool ready...

Read the next post for the rest of the birth story!

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