Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Three is the magic number

Super happy and excited to say that baby Spencer no.3 is growing nicely, so nicely in fact my date moved from the 11th of May to 6th May, happy days. 

Keeping everything crossed that it stays that way. 

After weeks of feeling nauseous and sick it has been so nice to be able to eat and be in the kitchen again the past week or so-I'm certainly making up for all the lost eating!!

I even managed to cook last night which is the first time in a VERY long time as I literally couldn't stand the thought, look or smell of food for about 2 months, thankfully James stepped up to the plate and did all the cooking for the kids and himself!

I was so relived to see a tiny heartbeat and pleased to know that everything looks fine, it's always a bit of a worry before a scan, I couldn't help but think "what if", but I have been much more at ease since Monday morning, it definitely feels more real now!

Time to start thinking of all the baby products we need to save up for, we got rid of the cot as part of it was broken, the high chair went mouldy in the loft and a new pushchair travel system is top priority after Christmas! 

Exciting times, the kids are happy, although I am not so sure Sam understands the concept, he keeps saying "but it's not here yet" and doesn't believe it is growing in my tummy!

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