Thursday, 17 November 2016

Snowed under!

It's been a busy few weeks! 

I'm trying to get myself organised for the Christmas evening at Alex's school, I have booked a table to hopefully sell my makes...! I'm hoping it goes better than the couple I tried in the summer months!

On top of that I have had some orders coming in too and I feel like I am juggling it all and panicking I won't have enough stock made up!!

With pregnancy tiredness and the dark nights I must admit I am getting a little stressed out about it. 

It's such a busy time of year at home too, it's Alex's birthday on Sunday, mine the following Saturday James the Saturday after and then finally Sam's on the 9th of Dec. 

As always money is at a tight squeeze, normally we try and cut costs on parties and have it at home but I just couldn't face that with Alex this year, we have booked bowling for a few friends, so all I have to worry about it making a Thor hammer cake on Friday or Saturday-I've not baked in so long so hopefully I get it right!!

Anyway I better get back to the making...

Do check out some of the latest makes on facebook.


  1. Lovely makes so far love the Christmas puddings especially. I hope your sale goes well. Bowling will be a nice activity. I hope you manage to grab a few breaks here and there to breathe! Busier time of year than normal for you!x

  2. Ahh thank you, the puddings have been popular :)

    The sale wasn't too bad, the 1st hour was really busy but then it went really dead...lots to add to Etsy I think! Alex loved his bowling party thanks. I know it's so crazy, so badly timed having all 4 of our birthdays within 3 weeks haha, hope you are well xx


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