Monday, 14 March 2016

Mother's Day 2016

I had such a wonderful Mother's day last week. I think it was the first one where I REALLY felt spoilt. 
Where I REALLY didn't have to lift a finger at all really. So well done to James for finally getting it right after 6 years ;)

The boy's popped to the shop with James to get some breakfast and they came back with a lovely bunch of daffodils which are still sat proudly on the windowsill so they have lasted well.

 The boy's actually had no patience with their cards and had given them to me on Friday after preschool and Alex on the Saturday morning after panicking it was still at school! So it was a nice surprise to receive another big Mother's day card off them too, our secret written in too-the only thing I'll ever have of it's existence.

We went to the local zoo, Cotswold Wildlife park, it's somewhere we can gone to before on Mother's day and it's somewhere we will visit a lot this year as we bought a season pass. 

We were joined by my parents and one of my brother's, and later also by James's parents, Nan and some of his brothers and sister and fiancée, so it was a right family affair!

It was very cold but we were well wrapped up, the boys have behaved the best I think they ever had, which made the day so much more enjoyable for us all-definitely the best Mother's day treat. 

We got around to most of the animals, and the boys loved it, there is a really fun park there which was fun for both the boys and the big kids! Although I don't think Sam liked his first trip down the tube slide as he sort of turned over whilst in there and came out the wrong way-my little trouper didn't let it deter him though as he went straight back on it!

I think it is honestly the happiest day I have had in a long time, no arguments, no whining kids and lots of fun. I am so glad that this past weeks events didn't happen sooner, as it was nice to be so happy that Mother's day and so unaware of what would happen this week
I needed that day, and now I can look back on it and smile, at least I had one Mother's day with all my babies. 

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