Monday, 1 February 2016

You know your a cyclist when...

So up until recently I had not ridden a bike in over 8 years, in fact that was only just on a week's holiday at a centre parcs in Holland, so I really haven't ridden properly since I was a teen.

That's had to change recently as some of you will be aware that I do not drive and Sam has now started preschool-which is by our house, not by Alex's school which is about a 20min walk away. So the only way to get between the two is by bike.

So we got my old bike from my parent's house (a boy's bike so my brother's could have it after me!) and bought a child seat for the back, I am about 3 weeks in and finally getting my balance and can finally go around the chicane at the end of the path!

Since becoming a part time, path cycling, cyclist I have noticed these things:

  • People don't smile at you any more, even if it's another cyclist.
  • You're not often let across the road unless unless someone if feeling particularly nice or you have another child with you.
  • People like to judge and assume you're going too zoom past them when in actual fact I would always hold back and wait until there is room as I am just like that.
  • People assume you to be rude and impatient.
  • People see it fit to be rude to you: just this morning I was heading through the park by our house on the way to drop Sam off at preschool, I saw a mother and daughter with their dog in front of me, and a mum and pushchair coming the other way (who always smiles to me when I am walking-never even gives me a second glance on the bike). I slowed down and was happy just basically balancing behind the mother and daughter when a big gust of wind came and I said to Sam "wow that was windy wasn't it" to which the Mum heard me behind and got her daughter to try and move over, I was polite and said thank you and her reply "would help if you had a bell" and giving me a really filthy look. I was not zooming past, I was not rude, I was more than happy going slow until we would reach the end of the main path a mere 10M away, little does she know I have actually looked for a bell twice in our local Asda when the bike section has been near to empty. Little does she know, I actually wouldn't like coming up behind someone and ringing the bell, I'm happy just going slow for a bit. 
Argh sorry rant over, I just find it weird how people perceive you when you are on two wheels rather than on two feet. I'm just a mum getting my child to school like anyone else, there is no way I am confident enough to cycle on the road, and to be honest I wouldn't want to with a 3 year old on the back anyway, and anyhow it was a suitable bike path too! I just know that, that one comment said in the tone it was said in will play over in my mind all day now!

Do you cycle at all? Do you find that people see you differently than when you walk?

Anyway after a few weeks at preschool Sam is really enjoying himself which is fantastic, we only had tears once and that was more tiredness than anything else. I really hope he comes out of his shell a bit as he is very much like me in the sense of being shy with new people, but he seems to be getting on well and my fridge is now home to many paintings and drawings :)


  1. Glad that Sam is settling well at pre-school! I've not been on a bike for years either, the last time was well before children when we were between cars and so we cycled to work for a few weeks, it was terrifying, I didn't feel at all confident on the roads. Try not to let the comment bother you (although I know that I'd be just the same and replay it over and over!)

  2. Thank you he loves it :)
    I hate going on roads, and definitely wouldn't ever want to with the kids either. I'm terrible for replaying things over and over!


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