Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sam turns two!

(Before I start his birthday was last week...oops!)

Well it 2 years since you made your slightly early entrance into the world-two years, how?!

You have grown up so much this past year, you are generally such a happy soul.

Your blonde curls made an appearance in the first months of the year- I am not quite sure where you get them from as neither your Dad or I have curls! But boy don't you get a lot of comments on them-and you love it too although you shy away and hide with a little coy smile on your face!

Like many 2 year old's across the country Peppa pig is one of your favourite programs and you pretty much know all the characters which I am not sure is a good thing or not! Although to be honest you will happily watch many children's programmes given the chance-one thing I know we need to try and stop a bit is the tele watching!!

Happy with his George pig top!
You adore your older brother (squabbling aside!) and want to be just like him, you can often be found copying his games or trying to join in a be much older than you really are. It is so funny and wonderful to hear you saying things like 'come on buddy' when playing your cars.

Talking of cars, you love them! You can often be found lining them up and creating races, sometimes getting half of our Hot Wheels cars out and taking over the lounge floor!

In contrast to Alex you aren't scared of many things, I always find it funny (and frightening) when Alex is scared of glass balconies in shops with split level and won't go anywhere near it yet you press your nose against the glass and look down, and sometimes can even be found trying to climb up!!

You are generally quite a quiet boy who just gets on, you potter around ours and other family members house and sometimes we almost forget you are there as you are very content. However you are very strong willed and when you want to (or don't) do something we know about it!

Along with your logic you are also pretty amazing at talking, you are now stringing together many words to make sentences, and are even managing to get the tenses of some words right which does surprise quite a few people. Your funniest thing at the moment is doing a Welsh accent with a saying that my Welsh Grandma says-it's actually pretty good as far as impressions go!

We didn't do too much for your birthday as you were a little unwell (and I think we were all birthday'd out!) but your friend G came over for a short while and a small amount of family in the evening for cake.

The cake requested was a 'chocolate Peppa pig cake' so of course that's what I made-not my best cake but you certainly didn't seem to mind!

You had no trouble knowing what to do with the presents this year and got straight into opening them and were obviously desperate to get the items out of their packaging!

on his new wheels!
Happy 2nd birthday! Now we need to work on the terrible two paddys that have appeared since your birthday! But until then I am really looking forward to a Christmas with you and Alex this year!


  1. He sounds fabulous! And I love his gorgeous curls. Hasn't two years passed so very quickly!! Wishing you and your boys a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2015. x

    1. Thank you, and I know, I really have no idea where the time has gone, it is quite scary! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year too x

  2. Aw he looks great in these photos I love the elf one! Happy very belated birthday to sam :) his cake looks great :) xx

    1. Thanks, me too. Butter wouldn't melt eh!? xx

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope you all had a wonderful day! x


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