Sunday, 8 June 2014

Social Anxiety and planning a wedding

You may have seen my very honest post on how I have been feeling the last few months the other week, well since that post I have been feeling slightly better, like I have got it off my chest a bit. Because of that I admit I haven't made a GP appointment like I told myself I would (I know...)

Today I wanted to say how planning a wedding has brought up my anxiety a lot more

Heightened stress:
It's no lie, wedding planning is hard! Trying to keep the peace between the 2 sets of parents in terms of their ideas and yours (you just can't please everyone), the all consuming wedding thinking (it's impossible to switch off), sleepless nights over bridesmaid or wedding dress (I'll be honest I have many of these the past few months)!

Wedding dress shopping:
Instead of the bubble of excitement most women get, I was filled with dread stepping over the threshold of bridal shops not eating beforehand because I was too nervous. Getting near enough naked in front of a women you met 2 minutes ago. The awkward moment you know you can't afford anything but are trying dresses on anyway, the sales pressure, the awkward goodbye.

Meeting new people:
I hate meeting new people, especially if I have to do the talking. I spent one meeting at our venue just trying to focus on not throwing up due to nerves, talking was a bit of a struggle! After going to the wedding fayre there the other day it made the meeting we had with our marquee man a lot easier for me, for once I had no nerves, maybe because I didn't have any for the day of the wedding fayre? I don't know.

The hen do:
I still have no hen do planned, despite it only being 2 months to the wedding. I can't think of anything than going out for a meal or drinking with friends and family. I just don't think my nerves could cope with it, I don't want to miss out on not doing anything though...

Worrying about would could happen:
The thing I worry about most is walking down that isle with all eyes on me, I am dreading it. I am worried the nerves will make me ill or faint (due to being too nervous to drink and eat much). I just hope I manage to get my vows out, James seems to have a calming effect on me so fingers crossed. Also worrying about the car ride too, I hate going in other peoples cars in fear of being ill!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling :( I hated planning my wedding, it was so stressful. I didn't do the proper bridal boutique thing, I went to Debenhams with my parents and luckily found a dress there (it was a store with a bridal department) and it was so easy and my dress was a bargain. I was also worried about walking down the aisle, but it really is over very quickly, and it's so lovely to walk down and see all your friends and family in one place together, all smiling at you. You'll probably find that the whole day passes in a blur and you won't have time to even think about anything on the actual day! It's nice to mark the hen do but you don't need to do anything too much, going out for a meal sounds lovely. I was lucky that my husband took charge of most of the admin, phone calls etc, as like you I get very anxious about talking on the phone. Good luck and hoping that your anxiety improves as you start to get everything organised and booked.

    1. Thank you, I am glad I am not the only one who isn't/didn't enjoy the wedding process! I did buy one in BHS but needed too many alterations so had to send it back, having one made now though which is exciting. Yes as it draws closer it doesn't seem to be as much as a problem, but I know my anxiety often comes in waves so hoping it doesn't come back in time for the wedding day! Yes luckily James has taken charge of most of the important calls, I'm more of an email girl! Thanks it's slowly falling into place now! x


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