Thursday, 12 June 2014

Siblings in June

This last month Alex turned 4 1/2, and suddenly he's turned into a proper little boy, he's never been much into superheroes but it's like a switch has been turned on him and now it's all he talks about. Every scenario playing with all sorts of toys is him pretending to be iron man, spiderman, captain America, or hammer guy aka Thor! We probably have the Lego Marvels (or marbles as he calls it) Wii game to thank for that. He's just started his last term at preschool too, which is pretty scary, we had his school meeting Tuesday night, I am excited for him but also in denial about my 'baby' going to school in September!

Sam turned 18 months on Monday, 18 months already!! He is a very, very, cheeky and troublesome little boy, always climbing on things to get to things he's not meant to-usually the dining chairs to drink other peoples drinks-going to have to watch him at the wedding in August! He says a lot now too, recent words include: bum, cake, dinner, walk, willy (thanks Alex for that one!), belly, cracker, mess, stairs, troller (controller) and much more, it's getting quite nice to be able to interact a lot easier with him now, no longer have to guess what he wants quite as much!

This month these two have either been best of friends or fighting each other! The 3 year age gap is showing now, mainly in ways of play, Alex wants to be able to make up stories and Sam, well he wants to destroy them! He can also now open all the doors in the house so Alex can't even play in his room with Lego any more! Having said that I have managed to capture some moments when they were being the best of friends and being silly together!

For one thing my boys like doing is being silly and pulling funny faces!

Everything is more fun in a box!

 Crazy hair after bath time!

dear beautiful


  1. So sweet! Love their expressions :)

    1. Thank you, it's a nightmare to get them to not pull faces these days! :0)

  2. What cute photos, love their funny facial expressions. I think there must be an academically acknowledged superhero phase. My boy hit 4 and it seemed to take over all his play.

    1. Thanks, haha yes even when Alex is playing cars he's still pretending they are superheros. They grow far too quickly don't they! :)


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