Thursday, 26 June 2014

Our wedding: the makings of a wedding dress

Being 5ft and fairly petite I always knew wedding dress shopping wasn't going to be an overly easy process.

Also not wanting a traditional dress with a huge train and big puffiness made dress shopping even harder-as in many bridal shops this was all they had to offer. That or beautiful lace fishtail dress, which at my height after adjustments would look ridiculous!
After a few failed attempts at bridal shops I had a bit of a crush on this dress in BHS. Unfortunately after buying it I had my doubts, and after contacting a few dress makers it actually seemed much easier to make the dress from scratch.
So the dress went back...
I was back to square one, but I knew the style I wanted and I knew I wanted lace.
I actually put out a plea on a local facebook page for dressmakers, or somewhere to buy a dress I had in mind.
A lovely lady contacted me with ideas and details, so I took the plunge and went with someone I knew nothing about.
I am so glad I did though! In May we travelled to Bristol to buy some fabric, I fell in love instantly with some beautiful ivory lace fabric, with stunning scalloped edges. So much better than the heavy lace in the BHS dress, it instantly looked more elegant-even when held against me with the under-layer in the shop.  

I had my measurements taken last week, and literally the quickest sketches talked over. In reality I had no idea exactly what I wanted, and it's so hard to picture what it will really look like.
Today though I got a glimpse, a lace layer  made, a train (yes I know I said I didn't want one... but it's not big or heavy) that is better than I expected, it is beautiful and I think my dress maker thinks so too! It was the first dress that has fit me perfectly, not inches too long, not too big on the upper body.
It was the first time I felt a proper bubble of excitement build up in me, it suddenly all felt real.
I am getting married in 6 weeks, and next week I should have my beautiful dress completed (or near enough) and I cannot wait!
I am so happy I feel like dancing around the house, I can't wait to put my one perfect dress on for real now.


  1. How exciting! And what a wonderful story about the dress. I do hope you post some pictures after the big day. xxx

    1. I am sure there will be some photos of the big day on here :) xx


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