Friday, 10 January 2014

Rainy Day Fun: Activities, Toys and Games for Keeping the Kids Occupied- guest post

As far as playing is concerned, kids will always love to be outside – playing in the mud, on the trampoline, on their bikes – getting some fresh air and enjoying themselves with siblings and friends can keep them busy for hours. However, our wonderfully unpredictable English weather doesn't always allow the kids to head outside, with bitterly cold winds and heavy rain often making an appearance. Instead, we need to try and keep them entertained while they’re indoors, and while we could just leave them to their own devices and see what they come up with, a decent collection of ideas to keep them occupied can help to keep boredom at bay.
Dressing Up
Kids love to dress up as their favourite princess or superhero, and what better way to do that than with some fancy dress costumes? George at ASDA’s fancy dress collection is not only extensive but it’s totally affordable; adding a few pieces to a dressing up box will help them to use their imaginations and encourage pretend play.

Not every child is ‘into’ jigsaws, but for those that are, it’s a great way to pass the time. As they get older, and require jigsaws that have more pieces, you can get involved too, taking the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids that you don’t always get the chance to do.

Board Games
A super way to get the whole family together to enjoy each other’s company, board games are particularly great for some weekend fun when everyone is home together. There are so many different board games available, to suit every age range and there’s nothing better than a healthy board game cupboard!
Arts & Crafts
Having a healthy supply of arts & crafts materials can keep kids of all ages entertained on a drab day. Plenty of scrap paper, paints, pens and crafty goodies, such as googly eyes, feathers, pipecleaners and pompoms, are the order of the day, plus, of course, the trusty PVA glue!
Save some of your junk as well – the things that you’d normally throw into your recycling bin, such as cereal boxes, loo roll tubes and empty plastic bottles can make a junk modelling afternoon a real hit.
Get the kids involved with some fun in the kitchen; bake cakes, biscuits or savoury goods and supervise as your kids get grubby, covered in flour and ultimately, produce something super-tasty! Having some utensils that they can call their own, such as rolling pins, wooden spoons, cookie cutters and a child-size apron can make the experience all the more fun, giving them a feeling of responsibility and importance. They will be proud as punch with their finished results, too.

Rainy days don’t have to be as drab and dreary as the weather outside. Add some activities and toys to the mix and they will have as good a day as they would if they were playing outside.

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