Thursday, 9 January 2014

Finding that one perfect dress

I always knew that finding the perfect wedding dress was going to be difficult, but I had no idea how difficult until Saturday.

Mum and I went for a wander around our town centre, hoping we might find some dresses in the high street stores however it soon became clear that not very many do them any more (apparently only very large stores). 

I didn't go thinking that I would be buying one that day but wanted to try and find a style(s) that suited me to better aid my search so I had more of an idea of want I wanted. 

So we ditched the high street attempt for that day and looked for some bridal shops in the town, one seemed to had disappeared all together then Mum remembered there being one at the top of town years ago, and there it was hidden in a back street. 

We went in and up the stairs and I instantly knew it wasn't the place for me, the woman was so pushy, she was quite rude and matter of fact, which was no help for me- anxious about dress shopping, no idea what I wanted but every idea about what I didn't want. 

Me and Mum felt a little cornered, I ended up trying a dress on which I'd never have chosen myself, but actually found the top half flattering despite the dress really not fitting correctly (far too big on the boobs, and not doing up around the hips)!

Now this was the first bridal shop I'd entered the first wedding dress I'd ever tried and the women went on like "oh it's fine we can make adjustments", "will you be loosing weight" "if you loose weight it will fit nicely". *Inner rage* 

With a few very awkward moments I swiftly got out of the dress and out of the shop, trying not to look in awe the lovely slim and taller women trying on the beautiful lace gowns with fish tail bottoms who looked amazing!!

Not the best start, and I can safely say I will never be going into that shop again, nor recommending it!

So we googled shops nearby and stumbled upon a lovely bridal shop, as soon as we walked in we were greeted by a big smile, not cornered, and left to browse for a few moments until she asked if we had anything in mind and actually listened to what I had to say unlike the other place!

I tried on 3 dresses, the first wasn't very flattering on my hips (it made me look at least 2 sizes wider-not great for my already battered weight issues from that day-hah)! the latter two looked great, fitted tops on wedding dresses definitely do a lot of favours! The only thing is they all had trains, and being 5ft short and not really a dressy sort of girl that half of the dress I just couldn't stand. It looked stunning, but it just wasn't for me. 

The ladies in their were very helpful, friendly and although I don't think I found my perfect dress in there I would definitely recommend to any friends in the future. 

So the highstreet search started online again, I think I'd quite like to try on a shorter dress, trains just aren't for me, I don't want a big expensive dress. I want something to be comfortable in, something floaty but flattering, something I or my boys won't be stumbling on the whole day. I feel as I have the boys I don't want a 'typical' wedding dress anyway. 

I have sort of fallen in love with this sort of dress from coast but I know, being as short as I am it probably will come to about half way around my legs and look silly!

I think I might have to take a trip to London, or another big city and see if their stores hold any more bridal dresses. 

How long did it take you to find your perfect dress? Did you buy highstreet, or designer? 

Do you know where is best in the south for buying dresses? I can't bare to order something as big as a wedding dress online without trying it and others on first.

(Also I had no idea how far in advance you have to order dresses from bridal shops-turns out I only have a few weeks if I don't want it to be rushed-what-who knew!?)


  1. Hi I'm not sure if it helps but my sister wrote this blog post about my wedding dress.
    Where I got if from was a little bit unusual but I was able to take it home straight away and there was no pressure from the sales people. I'm not sure where you're based but there may well be a similar kind of shop near to you.x

  2. Wedding dress shopping should be fun! Sorry to hear that your first trip was a mixed bag. What about looking in Reading or Oxford or Bath/ Bristol.? I noticed Berketex Bride have quite a few shops including one in Bristol/ Perhaps put a query out on Twitter asking if people know of any local wedding dress shops. If I were you, I'd set aside a day and then try and do two or three shops in that day - make appointments and phone up first and ask the price range too.

    Have you tried looking in Monsoon? I always think their wedding dresses are nice and are quite reasonably priced.

    It took me quite a long time to find my dress. It was a designer dress and my mum paid for it and to this day I love it but still feel so guilty about how extravagant it was. In contrast, my best mate bought an ex-sample dress (haggling them down even further than the sale price) and she was very happy!

    In terms of style, one very good piece of advice I got when I first started dresses on was to put aside my thoughts about what I wanted for one session and try on all the different styles ie, short, long, column, a line, strapless, not strapless. This was a really good exercise, as in the end I ended up with something totally different to what I thought I'd go for.

    Good Luck! x

    1. Thanks for your help. Yes I think we may try Reading next time, my Nana can come along too as they live there. Our Monsoon doesn't have the bridal section any more, apparently it's only the really large stores now which was a bit annoying as that was one we tried to look in.

      A few friends have said they bought of the hanger too-not sure I'd have the guts to haggle though!

      Yes the ones I tried the other day weren't at all what I had in mind but I surprisingly liked the top half of them much more than I thought I would.

      Thank you, think I will need it! x

  3. i found my dress on ebay way before i got engaged lol now 12 month to the wedding i finally got it (safely stored at a friends house) i would recommend ebay and preloved local to you if you dont mind buying 2. hand and saving some money i got my dress for 1/4th of the original price! happy planning looking forward to reading your posts about it i am starting my planning on the blog soon (its still 12 month away but we are getting married in my homecountry germany so planning need to be done when i visit. AK x

    1. Thanks, I actually ordered a dress from a high street chain last weekend, just waiting for it to be delivered! Hoping I still like it on!! Look forward to seeing your posts also x


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