Saturday, 21 December 2013

Gingerbread house-fail!

I thought I'd try and decorate a gingerbread house.

I thought it would be a good idea as we have not made one before.

I soon began to realise that it was a bad idea-especially when 3 pieces had broken in the packet!

I 'glued' these together with royal icing which held for all of 5 minutes.

I found out the hard way that decorating a delicate gingerbread house with an enthusiastic 4 year wasn't the best idea I have ever had.

We got it all together with the support of candy canes and skewers, and slowly she came tumbling down within 5 minutes.

It was only once it had all fallen down that I had the idea of cutting the broken pieces to the same size so we could make a house that was as stable as a gingerbread house can be but smaller than we had intended (I only wish I had thought of the after spending 2 hours (not joking) trying to make the broken one work!

So here was have our before and after shots, the after ones you can see me and Alex had pretty much lost all enthusiasm with the decoration and basically used what was already on it!


Apologies for the cheesy photos Alex found it funny when he was watching me so I kept it.

I still can't quite believe how stressful baking and decorating can be!!


  1. I still think it looks great! Far better than I could do! Our stayed in the cupboard last year (I bought it whilst heavily pregnant - nesting...) and then we ate it piece by piece during this year :P xxx

    1. At least I can say the 4 year old did the decorating...sort of, is it bad that second time around I made it look like he'd help more than he did ;) nothing wrong with that, it's only going to get eaten anyway! x

  2. I have had kits before where the icing has been pre made and it's been rubbish. I've had them fall apart before my eyes. I think it looks good when it's assembled and I bet it tasted lovely! x

    1. We made the icing ourself-but seemed to work better with an egg white in like I googled later! x

  3. I still think that it looks brilliant, I love the roof! I've just used Royal Icing for mine in the past from a packet, just mixed with a very little bit of water. You do need to make sure that it's very thick, and I pipe it on with an icing syringe thing. The icing that I used to decorate mine was a bit runnier and it didn't work very well, but the house itself set like glue. I do love yours though!

    1. Thanks, I found that using egg white in the icing worked really well at setting it hard x


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