Monday, 28 October 2013

Win a BabyStart Bassinet Travel Cot with Toys-Grey and Green

I have another great competition for my readers today thanks to Argos.

Got a young one and planning to go away any time soon?

Why not enter to win this great BabyStart Bassinet Travel Cot with toys set?

Travel cots are always handy with a young one, and as the festive season is nearly upon us many people go to friends, family or away for weekends more too-so this is a great giveaway for anyone with a young baby or toddler. It also has a mattress that doubles as a play mat, a changing unit and a musical mobile with soft toys (something I think is a great feature as both my boys use(d) mobiles to get to sleep).

The bassinet is suitable from birth to 3 months.

The actual travel cot is suitable up to 2 years or 15kg.

Travel cots aren't always thought of on the baby check list so even if you know of someone expecting this would make a REALLY great gift (if you are feeling that generous)!

For the full product details please see this Argos link.

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  1. Oooh I haven't got many tips, I just hope for the best really! Singing a soft song to them before you go should work (sometimes!) x

  2. I have no secret tips - sometimes I cuddle her as I stroll around the room humming. Sometimes she is happy to drop off to sleep if she can hold on to my fingers for a while.

  3. I always take a night light for my son and this always seems to settle him :)

  4. My little boy will only sleep in his cot or a moving car so I have no tips I'm afraid. I guess keeping their routine as close to their one at home is key but even that doesn't work with my little one!


  5. I've never really had a problem with this, but its nice for them to have their favourite teddy to go to sleep with and dont keep them awake too long past their usually bedtime!


  6. Make sure you take favourite toys with you and a favourite blanket, if they have one. Try to maintain the bedtime routine as much as possible. Pop out blackout blinds are a great travel aid to make rooms dark too.

  7. try and keep to a bit of the bedtime routine, bath & PJs and bedtime milk :-)

  8. A good routine and a settled quite environment

  9. I stay with them until they fall asleep.

  10. Never been in this situation I guess id try to keep to our normal routine as much as possible x

  11. I wait until they fall asleep @anna8301

  12. I wait until they fall asleep @anna8301

  13. I usually stay with them until they fall asleep. (Although whenever we are away my daughter takes forever to fall asleep!)



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