Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting rid of those pesky stains with Vanish

I must admit I am always very sceptical when I see any stain removal advert on the telly, I am that person who believes it's a new white t-shirt!

So when Vanish got in touch with me to review some of their products I couldn't wait to prove those adverts wrong...

I had some some really disgusting looking bibs of Sam's, for some reason, no matter what wash, temperature, or detergent I use the dribble stains NEVER come off! (These bibs don't often make it out the house for obvious reasons)!
As you can see the stains haven't completely gone but there is a considerable difference in the before and after shots! With these ones I used the powder and left them for a few hours, although could have left them in the solution for longer had I had the chance/time, I also chucked a bit extra power in the machine with the detergent too. Considering these were old set in stains I was quite impressed. 

However it didn't really make a change in the same sort of stain on the sleeping bag-but this is old as it used to be Alex's!

It did however get baby poo stain out of the baby grow from that morning very well-but I am sure you don't need a photo of that!

Now I had to do a white T-shirt test didn't I?

I had an old white top that was going to be chucked out, so I thrashed it about a bit, I threw on some red wine, tomato purée, beetroot juice, red pepper, chocolate spread, bbq sauce, tomato sauce, and oil. I made zero attempt to wash/scrub any of it off and really rubbed some of it in. This time I used the vanish spray, left it for about 5 minutes and washed as normal with some of the powder with my normal detergent.

Ok, yes, the stains haven't completely come out but I really did slap on the sauces quite thick, so I am very surprised at the result!

Vanish's website provides some useful tips on stain removals too with a chart for you to select different items that have stained your clothes and each selection gives you a step-to-step guide on how to best treat it, just like this tea stain removal for instance.  

With 2 boys in the house and a partner prone to getting some food substance or grubbiness on light coloured clothes this is definitely a product that will get a lot of use in this household and one I would recommend. 

Disclaimer: I was sent one tub of Vanish oxi action, and one bottle of oxi action spray for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own. 

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