Friday, 23 August 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights-a review

We were sent three 6 packs of Walkers Mighty Lights, they come in 3 different flavours:  ready salted, cheese and onion, and  roast chicken, which are all popular in our household and I am sure many others! We were also very low on crisps the day they got delivered which was very handy timing as it saved me having to pile up the pushchair with more shopping the following day!

Not going to lie, I love crisps, I will admit to having a pack a day at lunch time and if I manage to try and cut them out for a day it usually leads me to scoffing more than I need to the next day, so I was pleased to find a new lighter range. As a nation we are definitely crisp and snack eaters so it is good to see that Walkers are making products that are less calorific-it might not seem like loads less calories but it all helps!

The crisps are the crinkle cut variety, they have a good bite and crunch factor which is always important in a crisp. Alex and me have both tried them and I think roast chicken is our favourite flavour out of the 3, it's not too strong of a flavour which is often a problem I find with meat flavours so that is nice too. The other two flavours are great also-just enough to satisfy my savoury needs! 

The new Mighty Lights are:
-30% less fat (than standard potato crisps on average)
-no artificial colours or preservatives
-no MSG
-a source of fibre
-suitable for vegetarians (all 3 flavours)
-made from real potatoes. 

Each pack has 114 calories which makes me feel less guilty about eating a packet-and will take me less time to burn them off ;) I still wouldn't give Alex a whole pack mind you, I tend to just give him a few, otherwise he would eat them all as he is a bit like me when it comes to crisps-I dread taking him to parties when there are nibbles out! But still they do make good lunchbox fillers for older children, and when Alex goes to lunch at preschool I will put some in a pot probably with some dip and veggie sticks. Like all snacks (particularly with children) I think it is everything in moderation, and as long as they are healthy and active the odd pack of crisps will cause no harm.   

Alex really liked the potato on the front of the packets too, here he is trying to do the same pose! Definitely a good little character for the children, it reminds me of  Mr. Potato off of Peppa pig!

I will definitely buy these Mighty Lights for our lunches and would certainly recommend them as they are very tasty. 

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We received 3, 6 packs of Walkers Mighty Lights and payment for this post, however all views and opinions are my own as always. 

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