Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My first 100 words-book review

Last Thursday Alex was very under the weather with a temperature and very swollen throat and spent pretty much the whole day on the sofa, he had a small moment of joy when there was a parcel for him to open-it was so lovely to see his smiling face again!

This parcel included 'My First 100 words' at first my thought would be more age appropriate for Sam, particularly for when he starts talking to introduce words, but then I thought actually this will be a really good aid to help Alex with letter recognition and making words in the next couple of years. He will be four in November so misses out on school this year despite probably being ready for it in a lot of ways.

The book contains lots of lovely bright photos of objects with bright and colourful backgrounds to make it attractive to children's eyes. Each photo has the word written next to it in bold black font.

It has different themes for each double page: It's playtime, Animals, Things that go, Clothes, Food and drink, Around the house, and My body which are all great for helping children learn the objects around them.

We got Alex's magnetic letters out and I asked him to point to a photo he liked and wanted to spell and then asked him to try and find the letters to spell it out. He did need some help on some letters but I was quite impressed considering it's the first time we have properly sat down and tried something like this for more than 5 minutes!

This book will be great for 'can you find ...' games, letter and word recognition, 'what is it called' games, also for copying the words written too. 

The book is hardback and the pages are very thick inside which I personally think is needed in any child's book, I still wouldn't let Sam loose on it though as he is very much into chewing and ripping things at the moment and I hate books getting ruined (like one of Alex's that was left in Sam's reach the other day)!

There are also other books in the 'My first 100' range which can be found here, I think the Number one would be very handy as we need to work on Alex with his numbers, although I think both boys would prefer the machine one as they are both vehicle mad! At £5.99 I think they are a great price for a really good quality book too.

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We were sent this book from Tick Tock books, there was no obligation to write a review but we did anyway! 


  1. looks like a great book! mine always love these kind of word books, so much to find and look at on all the pages!


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