Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lotmead Farm-Strawberry Picking

I can't believe in my 23 and a half years I have never been fruit picking, and never been to a local farm which is free that has been on the doorstep for many years.

After years of saying "we must go there soon" we eventually did today. 

We had a great few hours out. 

A picnic on the benches. 

A play in the park.

And lots of strawberry picking!

I must admit Alex wasn't as interested as I'd hoped for, he did join in, but preferred eating them to picking! Then when we said he could eat one that he had squashed he took that as his cue to squash as he picked so he had an excuse to eat more-this one is cleverer than he sometimes lets on!

Sam sat and watched in his pushchair, happy as larry as long as we gave him a few little strawberries on the way!

After filling our basket and paying for the strawberries we had a quick wander to the animals, there's only a small amount but enough to keep little ones interested. Alex was tired at this point and Sam was asleep and in the heat of the afternoon we didn't stay long and headed back to the park area. 

Alex loved the big green slide-in fact I think that was probably his favourite part of the day!

We will definitely be back-the strawberries are delicious. We would have picked more fruit like the rhubarb but didn't have the money this time around. 

£10 worth of strawberries-delicious!



  1. I remember going as a child and the man who weighs the strawberries on the way out wanted to weigh my brother because he'd eaten so many


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