Friday, 19 July 2013

Falling through the skies #TeamMatilidaMae

Pulses pumping,
Hearts thumping,
Reaching through the sky,
Destination, somewhere way up high

Deep exhale,
Faces pale,
Falling, falling free

Nine brave ladies,
One special baby,
One special baby who has changed the lives of many,
From the determination and drive from Jennie

Nine brave ladies raising for Lullaby Trust,
Helping the nation from this cruel unjust.
Why not spare a few pounds or more, 
Helping SIDS become no more

Wishing you all the best and safe journey through the skies-hope you all manage some sleep tonight! 
To help raise money visit here:
Look out for #TeamMatildaMae and #MMskydive on twitter and get them trending tomorrow morning! 

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