Sunday, 24 March 2013

I've been inspired to be a better Mum and do more

I used to think I would be a fun crafty Mum, a yummy Mummy, full of energy, always making up games and fun things to do.

But then 2 kids later I am more slummy Mummy rather than yummy Mummy.

We don't do many arts and crafts, fun games, child fun days out, and this needs to change.

I think I lost my way a bit with fun parenting when I was feeling so lifeless when I was pregnant being so ill and lacking of energy last year, and I guess I've forgotten/got stuck in a rut. So I'm making a bit of a resolution to myself, from now on I'm going to be more fun, prioritise what's important and spend more time playing with my boys. Switching off from technology and not be tempted to 'quickly' look at emails, tweets, and Facebook.

Since reading the tragic news of Matilda-Mae I think it has made me realise just how precious children are (not that I didn't think that before) and has made me think I really need to make my children's childhoods more memorable. I don't think I have ever been so moved and affected by someone I didn't know tragic news before, but every day since hearing I have hugged my boys that little bit tighter, longer, and check them more regularly in the night. Also I think Jennie is an amazing Mummy because she always has such fab activities for her other two children despite everything that has happened-and that has been one thing that has made me think that I have no excuses not to do these sort of things with Alex especially. I am always to quick in thinking 'no that will be messy', 'I'm too tired', 'there's not enough room', there's not enough time' so I need to stop making excuses and DO.

Some blogs I follow that quite often have good crafts/messy play activities are theygrowsoquickedspire, & jenniferslittleworld, there are plenty more out there but these are ones I follow regularly.

Here's a list of things I would like to do for the rest of the year with the boys (mainly Alex due to his age):

-Create slime/gloop
-Make playdough, and play it with him
-Paint without being too anal about a finished result and the mess
-Get the chalk table out of the garage and bring it into the house (or out the front when weather is nicer)
-Plant more seeds in the pots outside (or ask the Grandparent's nicely if we can in their gardens)
-Go to a farm (I don't like farms at all-but they will)
-Pick fruit in the summer (could do at the farm)
-Go to the beach (sort of already done this year but would be nicer in the sun should we get any this year!
-Try and do a craft every week or so
-Go to a zoo once the weather picks up
-Go for more walks as a family
-Hand and foot prints for both of them
-Bake more with Alex rather than when he's out/asleep
-Create cute hand print Santas at Christmas time that I have had pinned for years

So from now on, I am going to try and get my act together and be a better more fun Mum for my boys, after all they don't stay little for long do they, and they won't remember what state the house might have been in, in   years to come.


  1. This post really resonated with me, in fact, made me feel quite emotional. I feel the same way - often. It is hard with two but everything you've said is right. I've also recently resolved to make more effort and to 'switch off' the technology more often - thanks for the quiet reminder. Great post.

    1. Thanks, I just feel like far too often I have been on the laptop browsing and Alex asks to do something and I say "in a minute" when really I shouldn't even be on the laptop in the first place. It is obviously harder with too though isn't it x

  2. Thank you for the mention :)
    It is really hard with 2 children, i have days where i get really stressed abut all the things that need doing but then i think does it really matter if the hoovering waits a few hours, it's more important to play with the littlies as they aren't small for long.
    I love your list, i've a new linky starting up, you should join in :) xx

    1. That's ok, glad it's not just me, sometimes I feel like everyone is getting on great with their kids and then I look around my house and I'm like "what's happened"!
      Will join in once we have done something :)

  3. Thank you for mentioning me! Good luck with all the wonderful things that you want to do! It will definitely be easier when the weather starts to improve, it has been miserable for so long. I find it very difficult to motivate myself to do anything outside when it's so cold, and it's such an effort to bundle everyone up in hat, scarves, gloves etc.

    I will say though that although I do blog about the fun things that we get up to, there are plenty of days when I am just exhausted (my children are generally up all through the night) and some days all I want to do is to go back under the duvet. I do feel lonely sometimes, CBeebies does go on (almost always when it gets to late afternoon), and I do still spend time on my phone/computer when the children are around.

    You're a wonderful Mum, being a Mum is a lot harder than you think before having children, and it's difficult especially when you are constantly tired. Get a nice big shower curtain to put down for when things get messy, and put them straight in the bath afterwards!

    Good luck :) xx

    1. What a lovely comment :)

      It's only human for cbeebies to take over late afternoon in my opinion! Yeah, I am just finding myself on laptop and phone far too much at the moment, liked your post about trying to have a tech free day.

      Shower curtain what a great idea-messy mats aren't ever big enough!


  4. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep the older one entertained when you have two. Will find out in July so will let you know! They all sound like great ideas. And thanks for the other blog mentions - will check them out. x

    1. Some days can be tough, but since we hit the 3 month marks things do appear to be getting easier now that the little one isn't quite so demanding/I'm generally getting more sleep x


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