Thursday, 21 March 2013

Brotherly love

I must admit I was quite worried before Sam came along, because I really didn't think Alex would take to him and would be very jealous of him, but thankfully I couldn't have been more wrong.

From day one Alex has adored his little brother, he is so generous in giving him cuddles and kisses (albeit a little bit boisterous at times so are usually followed by me saying "be careful/gentle"). The first morning we had Sam at home he crept into our bedroom and beamed a huge smile at us and Sam and wanted a cuddle with him and looked so proud.

Recently the bond between them has grown ever so much, especially now that Sam is much more interactive and expressive. Every morning (as long as Sam is in his crib and awake) Alex will always peer into in the crib and Sam will beam the biggest smiles for him, cooing away and looking up in admiration.

Alex finds it hilarious when when Sam makes loud noises and gurgles, and when Sam says "aaa" Alex thinks it's him trying to say his name to him so he loves that too. Alex will come over and pass Sam's toys over, squeaking them and shaking them about. If any of Alex's little friends come over to say hello to Sam or try and cuddle/kiss him Alex is straight them proclaiming that Sam is his brother not theirs, which is quite funny and sweet but also a habit I'd like him to get out of a bit as he can be a bit bossy at times!

It's so exciting watching their bond grow every single day, with Sam already looking up to his brother and Alex already showing he can be a very caring big brother, I'm trying to cherish all these memories as I am sure the time will fly and it won't be long before they are play fighting together and hurting themselves, arguing over toys and shouting "no he did it" when something goes wrong. Still I can't wait to watch this bond strengthen and without wishing time away I can't wait for them to be running around together, it's going to be so much fun.



  1. Ah, lovely. I so hope my boys become the best of friends too. x

    1. It's all a Mother can ask for really isn't it x


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