Thursday, 8 November 2012

Not measuring up

I had my 34 week midwife appointment this Tuesday, everything was fine with my blood pressure etc, so she was unsure why I have still been feeling so tired and having the odd dizzy spell, but my next appointment is in 2 weeks time and I have another blood test to test my iron levels again. If my iron levels are OK I can hopefully give birth within the birthing centre rather than on the ward which will be good. When she measured me I could tell something wasn't 'right'  as she did it twice, I knew what she was going to say as it happened with Alex. I am measuring at around 31 weeks rather than at 34, when pregnant with Alex I had an extra scan because of this probably around the same time. As Alex was 7lb 10oz when born (quite a surprise for all as had been told he would be around the 6lb mark) and because it happened last time she decided not to book me in for a scan this time around, but if in two weeks time my bump growth has dropped down again on the chart then she will. So in some ways I want to grow, but in other ways I'd rather not as I already feel very uncomfortable and like my skin has no more stretch, feel fit to burst!

The last few days I have actually felt much better than I have for a long time, and have actually had energy to do some jobs that needed doing. My hospital bag is completely packed up (apart from the last minute things) and baby's bag is pretty much there too, just want to get a going home outfit rather than using some of Alex's hand me downs. My bathroom tiles have been annoying me for ages, the grout looked horrible so I made the most of my nesting feelings and got scrubbing...I love Pinterest I came across a homemade cleaner for tile grout purely baking soda and bleach, mixed to a paste and left on for 5/10 mins and scrubbed off (you can see the pin on my Pinterest page) and for once it actually worked! Don't think my bathroom has looked so gleaming since we moved in, just a shame the bath is still broken and the silicon still looks gross, but we need more time and money before all that can be replaced.

I have been having so many Braxton hicks the last few days which I don't remember getting quite so much when pregnant with Alex, and last night I woke up in pain in my pelvis and back and genuinely thought it could have been the start of labour-it was 3am so my judgement was probably a little clouded! Still I hope this little one makes a slightly early appearance like Alex did, I'd rather them born around the 10th of Dec than the 17th, especially as Alex has a very busy week then with a Christmas party on the 16th, and then one at pre school on the 20th and his first ever nativity play on the 21st (which I really don't want to miss, despite Alex probably getting shy and misbehaving)!

For now I have Alex's birthday to sort out, as it's in less than two weeks time (eek) yet ELC have had me wrapped around their little fingers with another offer, I managed to grab a bargain this week, ordering their wooden car garage for £18!! Alex will be so happy with this as he only has a chunky plastic one for toddlers at the moment. I am planning on a toy story theme for his cake...but going to try an keep it simple! Me and James went through what we have got him for Birthday/Christmas and I am already wondering where it is all going to go!

Hope you've all been having good weeks, we enjoyed a local firework display with some friends on Monday, Alex wasn't so sure on them so maybe next year he won't cry at the noise, although we will have another one that may be doing the crying instead!


  1. Oh I do hope everything works out ok for you always nice to get the birth you want isn't it? Hopefully this bump will be the same as before then!
    Love the sound of the party plans, so easy to end up buying lots if like me and do it in dribs and drabs!xx

    1. Certainly is, I'd quite like to not stay over night this time if it can be helped, as didn't particularly like staying for the one night I was there, and I think if I go into the birthing centre and all is ok then you can go home as long as they are happy about it. I do buy stuff all throughout the year (with all our birthday's this month and just before Christmas I have to) only problem is I only seem to buy for Alex...oops! xx


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