Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby brain, Parties, Birthday's, and lots of cake!

Oops, it seems I forgot about my blog being a year old the other week, I'll blame it on baby brain, but to be honest the fact that it was 4 days before Alex's Birthday probably meant I would have forgotten about it any other year anyway! I had planned on doing some sort of give-away seeing as I haven't done one before and I thought it would be nice...may I can do that sometime in the new year or for a year and 6 months instead!

It was an early start on Sunday, we had a party booked between Alex and his friends (our old NCT antenatal group), so six 3 year olds, 6 sets of parents and 3 under 1's taking over a small soft play area/party room in a local pub/restaurant. It worked out great as they had the soft play to themselves for over an hour, food in the party food, a visit from a Lion (who must have been boiling in his outfit) pass the parcel and we also do a 'secret birthday' present giving so it doesn't get out of hand! The kids had a great time, it was well worth doing rather than hiring a hall like the previous year, it meant no work at all for us parents! One advantage of being a group of 6 families meant we only paid £13 each-bargain!

It has also been my Birthday too! Monday morning was a little naff but I was tired from the day before anyway! Things soon perked up once James came home, I got given my cards and a couple of small gifts James had to apologise as he realised he had bought me two cake serving knives haha how he forgot he'd already got one a few days before I have no idea, but still I love my cake and they are different sizes-they came in good use when he came into the room with a big Chocolate cake and candles just after present opening! We popped out for some lunch, and went shopping at our local Outlet village. There is a recently opened Fossil shop that has some lovely bags amongst other gorgeous things-bit pricey so wouldn't normally give things two looks but great for a treat. But James had promised me some money towards a bag (rather than choosing one himself as he knows I am fussy with things like that) and I also had some money from my parents and grandparents which helped. It took me ages to decide, but I eventually got a bag similar to this but in more of a tan colour...It was a big decision between that and a lovely satchel bag, but I figured this one would be used a bit more! I have never had an expensive 'named' bag before either so it was a really nice treat, it's not like I can buy myself clothes is it...and there is no way I am trying shoes on in public-I look like a hopping elephant!

In the evening we went to my parents, Mum cooked a lovely dinner despite her being at work all day, and baked cupcakes also bless her. I always love the gifts my Mum gets too so enjoyed that-nothing like feeling a big kid again, and she always remembers the little things I say I want/need when just generally chatting away-I forget and then when I open my presents it's a nice surprise again :)

After not getting a photo of me and Alex on his Birthday as James was on camera duty, Alex was tired, and I was extremely busy I made James take a photo of us on my Birthday-I love my cheeky little man :)

I had to get a bump shot too I think the dress/angle makes me look much bigger than I actually am, but it has had a massive spurt recently-I think that it's quite possibly down to the amount of birthday cake/icing I have consumed in the last week and a half!! Ahh well you don't get to use the 'it's OK I'm pregnant, I can eat as much as I want' excuse forever can you ;)


  1. Great post, and lovely photos :) x x x

  2. Hi Danielle :-) Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the Fresh Five, would of missed that otherwise!!! Look at your lovely bump, have to look away before a broody moment appears!!! Love Alex's cake on your previous post, love Toy Story too - Ali x

    1. I only found out from someone else too! Thank you x

  3. Hi Danielle, I found you via The Fresh Five too! - well done and Happy Birthday to you both!


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