Thursday, 27 September 2012

I want

I have been tagged by Mummy Plum (which is a lovely blog-go and check it out) in a meme all about selfish wants. I'd like to echo what she said about obviously wanting war/famine/illnesses that can be stopped to happen, but this is a bit of a selfish one, and quite frankly if you don't want these things to stop there must be something wrong with you!

It feels funny saying "I want" seeing as I am constantly telling my nearly 3 year old "I want doesn't get" but I am sure I will get into the swing of things...

A healthy baby:
With 12 weeks to go I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and have started to think about actually getting things organised. I didn't want to get too much sorted in case it tempted fate or something. Hopefully we are on the home-straight now and everything has been fine up until this point.

An early baby:
Being due Dec 17th I am dreading going over and having a baby over Christmas. It's a bit selfish of me but I really don't want to be in hospital over Christmas, especially this year as it's going to be the first Christmas where Alex will really be excited about it, as last year he still found it a bit overwhelming. Also for the future, I don't want baby to have their birthday too close to Christmas, as Christmas birthday's often get forgotten in all the Christmas chaos. Alex was 6 days early...I'd be more than happy with that this time!

A little girl:
Ok, I sort of mean this one, I mean if baby turns out to be another boy I won't be disappointed, but there is part of me that would really like a girl, I am pretty certain I don't want to be pregnant ever again so this is sort of my last chance.  It will even out the boisterous balance a bit-especially on James' family side!

A baby name:
We have 1 girls name we agree on and 0 boys names...

More family time:
We never really get a full day together as James works weekdays, some weekday evenings and Sat and Sun mid afternoon/evening. The extra money is great, but it would be really nice to have one full day together to enjoy some quality time.

A finished house:
Ok we bought a new build so you are probably wondering what on earth I mean, but the bath cracked and needs replacing, so the bath panel is off as we had to check the leak from the bath, it all needs re-grouting and silicon re-doing. The whole house needs a repaint apart from our bedroom which we recently did (although needs a touch up after putting in wardrobes this week)! In the 3 years we have been here we still haven't made them finishing homely touches either, not many photos/artwork/soft furnishings, mainly due to money and always needing something more, so that would be nice to make this house our home.  

My (nearly) 3 year old to listen:
He ignores pretty much everything I ask him to do at the moment, and I know that's kids, but when I am so tired some days it makes things 10x more difficult that they should be!

Alex to get on with baby rather than feel 'left out':
I'm a little apprehensive about how Alex will react when baby makes it's appearance, so I just hope that it will all go OK. Especially as he does get angry when he's jealous sometimes.

A nice a comfy pair of black boots:
I don't drive so I have to go for comfort when it comes to shoes usually, I always find shoes really hard to buy because of my horrible odd shaped feet. I'd really love a nice comfy but good looking pair of boots for the winter!

A gorgeous bag:
I tend to buy cheap and cheerful, but for once I would like a proper 'grown women' bag, a nice leather one, not too huge that it swamps me but big enough to get everything a Mother needs in.

Some fashion sense:
I am so unfashionable, even more so since being a parent, I have the same old wardrobe. I wear the same old things over and over, when I'm not expecting you can guarantee I'll be wearing jeans, plain-ish top, cardigan, flat shoes, at the moment joggers are my favourite leg wear if I am staying at home (I dread a knock at the door)! I would love to be made over one day, and be told what does/doesn't suit my body. I would be nice if some retailers made extra short trousers too...even petite trousers are often too long *plays violin*

In my selfishness I forgot about my parents...

I really want my parent's financial situation to change:
Either someone buy Dad's business, or the new plan of the plot of land. failing that, let them be lottery winners after the stressful 2 years they have had! 

Now, do you think I may have got a bit carried away with my wants...maybe it wan't so hard after all ;)

What are your wants? I'll tag a couple of blogs, but feel free to join in yourself if you want to.
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  1. Great list of wants A comfy pair of black boots are a must for winter - I agree!

  2. Ah comfy boots I need them turns out converse aren't so great in autumn weather either! A good list of wants I think and btw when I was pregnant I couldn't think or agree on a single girls name but always had a boys one then I have birth to my little man!
    Thanks for the tag :) xx

    1. I have too many shoes that aren't water proof...not great for the pre school run this time of year! You never know maybe this one is a girl if we can't agree on a boys name then ;) x


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